School Improvement Team

School Improvement Team Rolling Agenda

School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Team Meetings
First Wednesday of each month, except June, 3:00-5:00PM

September 7

October 5

November 2

December 7

January 4

February 1

March 1

April 5

May 3

May 31(will be considered our June meeting)

SIT Team Members:
Gregory Zenion
Mary Beth Florenz

Content Leaders:
Kristina Sparfven - STEM
Jessica Witham Rivard - Humanities

Geoffrey Bowen
William Chiaradio
Suzanne Krause
Taylor Merritt

Hailey Silva
Moxie Rosenblum
Payton Niewiecki
Ezri Acton
Josie Mastin

Laura Chapman
Clifford Heil
Trisha Freel
Chelsea Baker
Tina Spears

Gary Liguori
Michelle Cole