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July 16, 2021

Dear CMS Community,

Parents can now view student 2021-22 schedules in PowerSchool.

Hope all are enjoying the summer,


 Greg and Mary Beth

"CMS will teach, target, and transform our school community”

Dear CMS Community,

Important Dates:

-August 31- 5th Grade Open House/Welcome Night 6:00 to 8:00 pm- more information to follow.

-September 2- First day of school.

September 6 and 7- No school for students.

-Parent Weekly Updates are not sent out during the summer.

-Next year placements- PowerSchool will have your student’s team placement posted by mid-July. No placements will be given out prior to this time.

--Summer Reading- Have you ever heard of the summer reading slide? It is estimated that the summer reading slide accounts for about 80% of the gap in reading achievement by 9th grade. What can you do to prevent this from happening to your child? Encourage your child to read! Each CMS student is required to read 2 books over the summer. Check out the attached documents for more information about summer reading. For complete information, please see the summer reading page:

 Incoming Grade 5 Summer Reading.pdf   Incoming Grade 6 Summer Reading.pdf   Incoming Grades 7 & 8 Summer Reading.pdf 

--Summer Math- Continuing to practice and maintain math skills that were learned this year is an essential part of being prepared for the next school year.  This summer, every CMS student will be given a packet of assignments to complete.

Here’s how summer math will work:  

  • Students will complete the assigned problems on paper.  
  • Students will complete the assigned exercises and turn them in to their teacher by September 10, 2021.  
  • Students are encouraged to look for help on items they are having difficulty with.

In addition to the summer math packet, there are many small ways to incorporate math at home.  Talking to your children about the math that occurs in everyday life will help them to see how useful math is.  You might want to try some of these ideas:

  • Cooking
  • Playing card games or board games
  • Talking about statistics while watching baseball
  • Discuss rates as you are driving in the car
  • Practice measuring as you are doing home projects
  • Compare pricing while looking at the grocery circular

If you have any questions, please contact  

For questions about modifications for special education students, please contact

All Math work is due on September 10, 2021.  This will count for two homework grades in quarter 1.

5-Summer Math Entering Grade 5 2021-2022.pdf   6-Summer Math Entering Grade 6 2021-2022.pdf   7-Summer Math Entering Grade 7 2021-2022.pdf   8-Summer Math Entering Grade 8 2021-2022.pdf 

-End of year update from the Clinic- Just a reminder that all medications for your child kept in the school clinic should be picked up by the last day of school, June 23, 2021. However, the school nurse will be available June 25, June 28, and June 29 for medication pick up from 7:30 am to 2:00 pm.  Any medication remaining at school after 1 pm on June 29th will be properly disposed of per state law. This includes all prescription and non-prescription medications, inhalers and Epinephrine pens. Please contact school nurse at 315-2822 to let her know when you will be coming in to pick up your child’s medication.

-The School Improvement Team, which is the governing body of Chariho Middle School, met on Wednesday, May 5, to make some significant decisions on how our school is opening in the 2021-22 school year. At this meeting, options were thoroughly discussed and debated. In the end, the team overwhelmingly decided that CMS will open as it did this year, in stable groups. Therefore, students will be assigned to stable groups, and Unified Arts classes will be scheduled to those stable groups. Included in this decision, is the determination that band and chorus will not take place while students are scheduled this way. These decisions are made based on current CDC and RIDOH COVID-19 guidelines (as of 5/5/21) to ensure the continued safety of our students and staff, with consideration given to possible quarantine numbers. As more information regarding infection rates,  vaccination rates, and student vaccination eligibility becomes available throughout the summer and the beginning of the 2021-22 school year, the School Improvement Team will determine if band and chorus can resume in a manner that is consistent with CDC and RIDOH guidelines (at that time) while ensuring the continued safety of our students and staff. If student and staff safety can be ensured, CMS will do its best to move students to mixed Unified Arts classes by the start of the second quarter or by the end of the first semester.

-Clark Memorial Library- please see attached flyer. YA flyer SRP 2021[2].doc 

-HOPKINTON REC NEW! Archery Camp at Crandall Field July 26-30. Summer Day Camp at Crandall Field is July 12-August 20. The 21st Annual Hoop Academy Basketball Camp will run July 26-30 at Chariho High School for all kids going into grades 3-9, Babysitting Certification Class is July 22nd  Coming Soon-Playground Camp at Langworthy Field, Soccer & Volleyball Programs. For more info and to register, go to  Check out our Facebook page at for the most up- to-date information. Call us at 377-7795 with any questions. 

Thank you, stay healthy, and have a safe and enjoyable summer,

Greg and Mary Beth

"CMS will teach, target, and transform our school community”


-Parents of Grade 6 students- In accordance with the Rhode Island Department of Health Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Immunization and Testing for Communicable Diseases (R23-1-IMM) students entering 7th grade must have the following immunizations:

    1 dose of Meningococcal Conjugate (MCV4) vaccine

    1 dose of Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) vaccine

    1 dose of HPV (Human papilloma virus) vaccine

Additionally, a recent physical exam completed within the past 12 months is required. Provide proof of scoliosis, vision and/or dental screenings if completed during the same time period.

-Parents of Grade 7 students- In accordance with the Rhode Island Department of Health Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Immunization and Testing for Communicable Diseases (R23-1-IMM) students entering 8th grade must have the following immunizations:

    2 doses of HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccine.

Please forward the documents to the CMS clinic via fax, email or paper. Fax: 401-223-4843. Please ensure you keep a copy for camp or sport requirements. Thank you, Jessica Whitney, RN, CSNT

-CMS is 100% Peanut/Tree Nut Free school- Below is our process for address any issues:

Peanut/Tree Nut Free

  • If a student brings in a peanut/tree nut product and it has not been opened, we will request that the student bring the product to the main office to be picked up at the end of the day.
  • If the student has opened the product during snack or lunch, we will request that the student either go to the main office break room or throw the product out. If student throws the product out a school snack/lunch will be given to them.     
  • All CMS staff will monitor food to ensure peanut/tree nut free contents.   
  • Restricted items include any food that may have been produced in a factory that may not be peanut/tree nut-free. 
  • Due to allergies, we ask that you reinforce with your students that no one should share food items. 

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