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Dear CMS Community,

-No school for students on May 25 and June 1.

-June 17 last day of school.

We miss you, CMS!.mp4

-In the next few weeks, CMS will roll out a plan to have students pick up all belongings left in lockers and return any materials belonging to the school district. The plan will have staff bringing belongings out to vehicles. In order for us to start planning we are requesting that you email by May 26 only if you do not want your child’s lock cut off the locker. Please include child’s name, Team, lock combination (if key lock will need to call office to arrange to drop off key), and if possible locker number in the emails. You only need to do this if you do not want us to cut the lock. If you do not send emails by May 26 we will take this as permission to cut the lock.

-Advance Algebra acceptance letters for incoming 7th graders are being mailed this week. If you receive one, you have until May 22 to accept enrollment in this class. If you do not receive one and feel your child should be in this class, you have until June 5 to place an appeal in writing (email is acceptable) to Mr. Zenion. No appeals will be accepted after June 5.

-CMS Summer Reading 2020:

Chariho Middle School requires your child to read 2 books over the summer. Students are encouraged to read any book that matches their interests and challenges them! Students must complete a book project for each book to receive credit for summer reading. Students should bring projects in on the first day of school. Project options and criteria can be found on the CMS library summer reading page:

Summer Reading Parent Letter

Summer Reading CMS Flyer

Grade 5 Suggested Summer Reading

Grade 6 Suggested Summer Reading

Grade 7/8 Suggested Summer Reading


- CMS Virtual Learning Grading for Quarter 4: Numerical grading will continue with the following adjustments.  

  • Major assessments and QCAs will not be administered during quarter 4.      
  • All assignments will fall under a new category “Virtual Learning” and will include assignments such as quizzes, reviews, warm-ups, and similar short assessments for learning.
  • CMS Virtual Learning Grading Instructions - attached
  • Quarter 4 grades will be an average of the scores in the “Virtual Learning“ category.  
  • Late work will be accepted throughout the quarter and teachers are extending the deadlines to support and accommodate the needs of our students and families.
  • During virtual learning, for grades 6-8, Missing Work calls from SchoolMessenger will not be made (Grade 5 is not part of Missing Work).  Personal contact is being made with students/families by teachers, guidance suite personnel, and administrators as necessary.  Parents are encouraged to look in PowerSchool for the completion of their child’s assignments.  An “M” will be used as a placeholder if your child is missing an assignment.  Five days before the close of the marking period, “Ms” will be changed to zeros if the work is not submitted.    
  • Learner Qualities will not be graded, though it is our expectation for all students to continue in developing and demonstrating these critical skills.
  • The 4th Quarter grade will still count 25% towards the end of year grade for a full year course, and 50% for a Semester Course. Numerical grading will continue with the following adjustments.

- News from the  Guidance Suite- We understand that Virtual Learning has been an unexpected change in our everyday lives and would like to  applaud your efforts in making this transition with your child(ren). COVID 19 holds many uncertainties,  but one thing is for sure, we are here for you and would like to extend our support as best we can in these unprecedented times. Please feel free to contact us by email. 

Kimberly LaPlante - 5th grade (

Gianni Petteruti -  6th grade   (gianni.petteruti@chariho.k12.rus)

Lauri Travis - 7th grade   (

Keith Croteau -  8th grade   (

Megan Anderson -  School Psychologist  (

Jessica Veroline  - School Social Worker  (

Carrie-Anne Hokeness - School Nurse  (

Brenda Medina - Student Support Program (


Thank you, enjoy the weekend, and stay healthy,

Greg and Mary Beth

"CMS will teach, target, and transform our school community”

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