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January 14, 2022

Dear CMS Community,

Important Dates: 

-January 17- No School

-January 28- End of Quarter 2

-February 2- School Improvement Team Meeting- 3:30-4:30 CMS library.

-February 9- Early Release-CMS students dismissed at 12:45 pm.

-February 21-25-Winter Recess-Schools closed.


-COVID-19 testing- If you have already given consent this school year, you do not need to give consent again. If you have not given consent and would like to have your student(s) tested, please go to this link and enter access code CMSTESTING22. Please note that this code is for middle school students only. Our next test date will be Tuesday, January 18 beginning around 8:30 am. It is important to remember that only asymptomatic students can be tested. You must pre-register by 1:00 pm on Sunday, January 16. Please remind your student(s) if they are being tested, we do not call students down by name and we do not remind them that they are on the consent list. All student athletics must be tested once a week. If you chose not to have the school testing done, you must go to an official testing site. Home test are not acceptable.

-Snow Days/Inclement Weather Plan- please see the attached CMS Snow Days/Inclement Weather Days

-Signs of Suicide Program:  Signs of Suicide is an evidence-based youth prevention program that has demonstrated an improvement in students’ knowledge and adaptive attitudes about suicide risk and depression. The program teaches students about this difficult topic and encourages them to seek help. Signs of Suicide (SOS) will be delivered to Chariho students in grades 6-12 in Health or P.E. classes, each academic year.  Please see this letter for more information.

-The CMS PTO- is seeking parents to join PTO.  We are a small PTO and strive to support CMS students and staff in as many ways as possible.  Want to come, but don't want to be assigned jobs?  NO PROBLEM!!  You are welcome to come!  We get many updates on what is going on in the building from Mr. Zenion, and all parents are welcome to attend, get updates, and offer opinions in PTO discussions with no obligation to take on any jobs. We are a very low-stress group and keep our meetings to less than an hour. If you are interested in serving on the CMS PTO, all of the current officers are stepping down after May of 2022 as our children are moving up to CHS.  If you are interested in serving as treasurer, president, or vice-president, or coming to listen and offer opinions on future PTO events, please consider coming to our next meeting on Wednesday, March 2 at 7pm in the CMS Library/Media Center. 

-CMS Drills- When CMS has a fire drill, lock down, or any other event that causes us to enact our emergency safety plan, the principal will make an announcement at the end of the drill/event to debrief the situation. Please note this communication will be brief and will not go into great detail. By making announcements, we hope it will reduce any stress that was caused by the drill.

-Grade Eight Course Selection letter for high school- 8th-grade parents please see attached letter Grade 8 Letter, 12.7.21 .pdf    

-Babysitter Training Class- see attachment. Babysitter Training Class.pdf 

-Notes from our School Nurse- please see this

-Would you like to do something special for your 8th grader? Yearbook recognition ads are a great way for families to commemorate student achievements and important milestones. To purchase your ad online, start here:  Jostens is managing your school's yearbook ad sales so please do not contact or send materials to the school. All ad orders must be placed online by February 10, 2022. 

Thanks, Sarah DeVito Thompson CMS Library Media Specialist

-Remember forever. Purchase a yearbook today for just $28! The 2021-2022 CMS yearbook is available for purchase. The final deadline for purchasing a yearbook is May 1st. Yearbooks can only be purchased online and MUST be pre-ordered. To purchase today, go to Please contact with any questions. 

-Positive COVID-19 Cases- Parents if you have a CMS student who tests positive for COVID-19 can you please email Julia Phelan at and Gregory Zenion at or call the clinic at 315-2822. Please contact school as soon as possible regardless of whether or not RIDOH says they will notify the school. The sooner we know about a positive case the sooner we can act to make sure we are keeping the building safe.

Thank you, enjoy the long weekend,

Greg and Mary Beth

"CMS will teach, target, and transform our school community”


-A reminder from our school nurse, Julia Phelan:

  • Parents of 7th graders please be sure you have submitted your student's most recent Physical Exam with proof of required immunizations (Tdap, Meningitis, and HPV- 1 dose). Physical Exams can be faxed directly to me at 401-223-4843
  • Parents of 8th graders please be sure you have submitted your student's proof of 2 doses of HPV vaccine.
  • FLU VACCINES- Now is the time to get vaccinated for the flu. If you missed our flu clinic you can go online to find another school clinic near you, or you can call your primary care provider or pharmacy to schedule an appointment.
  • COVID VACCINES- COVID-19 vaccines help protect against the Delta variant of COVID-19, which spreads more easily and quickly than other variants. Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5-11 years is now authorized for use. Please note that registration links will be added as vaccine doses arrive in RI. Thank you for your patience. Making an appointment in advance is strongly encouraged. School-based vaccine clinics can be found here, or TO BOOK A COVID-19 VACCINE APPOINTMENT ELSEWHERE GO ONLINE TO or by calling 211 or 844-930-1779.   

-CMS National Junior Honor Society- The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) was established in 1929 by the Association for Secondary School Principals to recognize and encourage academic achievement while also developing other characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy.  The Chariho Middle School Chapter of the NJHS recognizes these characteristics and pillars of the NJHS, scholarship (92.5 GPA without rounding up), service, leadership, character, and citizenship. Our chapter includes year 1 (grade 7 or 8) and year 2 (grade 8) memberships. Year 1 students (Grades 7 and 8) will be invited for membership in February by maintaining a 92.5 or higher GPA without rounding up. After a student’s intent of membership, the student must demonstrate the five pillars of scholarship (92.5 GPA without rounding up), service, leadership, character, and citizenship.  After successfully completing demonstrated Pillars, students will be invited to participate in the Induction ceremony held in June.  Year 2 students who were inducted into membership in grade 7 may continue year two by maintaining all requirements, including 92.5 GPA, without rounding up.  Year 2 students have been notified, by email, of this year’s requirements. Membership in NJHS is both an honor and a commitment.  Members of the Chariho Middle School chapter of the NJHS must demonstrate the pillars of scholarship (92.5 GPA without rounding up), service, leadership, character, and citizenship.  For more information, please see the NJHS CMS Chapter By-Laws posted on the CMS website or contact Mrs. Florenz, Assistant Principal.

 -CMS is 100% Peanut/Tree Nut Free school- Below is our process for addressing any issues:

Peanut/Tree Nut Free

  • If a student brings in a peanut/tree nut product and it has not been opened, we will request that the student bring the product to the main office to be picked up at the end of the day.
  • If the student has opened the product during snack or lunch, we will request that the student either go to the main office break room or throw the product out. If student throws the product out a school snack/lunch will be given to them.     
  • All CMS staff will monitor food to ensure peanut/tree nut-free contents.    
  • Restricted items include any food that may have been produced in a factory that may not be peanut/tree nut-free. 
  • Due to allergies, we ask that you reinforce with your students that no one should share food items. 


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