Highly Capable Program

Highly Capable Program Staff

Ms. Sarah Devito
Ms. Karen Mann
Ms. Cynthia Skelton
Ms. Alison Ward

Welcome to the CMS Highly Capable Program.
For complete information, please visit the district's Highly Capable Program webpage.

This year is a transition year for the Grade Five Highly Capable Program.  In past years, the selection process began in the fall with selected fifth-grade students starting the program in semester two.  The middle school is now beginning the Highly Capable Program for all grades in semester one.  For this year (2019-20) only, students who participated in grade four may roll-over to the middle-level program, for semester one, without undergoing the selection process.  Students who are interested in participating in the Highly Capable Program for semester two will be selected from the middle school selection process requirements, which begin in late fall.  In the school year 2020-21, all grades will be on the same schedule for the selection process and program work.