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Dear CMS Community,

Important Dates:

-September 28- Chariho schools in session

-September 30- CMS PTO virtual Meeting 7:00 pm

-October 12- All schools closed.

-October 14- Free Flu Clinic from 4:00 to 6:30 in CMS gym

-October 19- State PD for teachers-All students distance learning, no in-person school

-CMS PTO- Our first meeting will be Wednesday, September 30 at 7pm. Our meeting will be virtual NOT at the school. Use the link below to join us on Zoom.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 952 6916 6746

Passcode: XJY9cf

-Free Flu Clinic- see attached flyer.

-Parent pick-up- Thank you for your patience as we work on improving pick-up at the end of the day. Two helpful things would be if parents keep the placard displayed in the front window until students are in the vehicle and if students have their placard number memorized. Students will be organized in the gym by their placard number starting on Monday. Placards are issued from the main office. 

-Water bottles- Students should bring a refillable water bottle to school. Water fountains have been shut off but filling stations are working with new filters.

-Schedule- for both in-person and distance learning:

Period 1


Period 2


Period 3


Period 4a


Period 4b


Period 5a


Period 5b


Period 5c


Period 6


Period 7



-CMS is 100% Peanut/Tree Nut Free school- Below is our process for address any issues:

Peanut/Tree Nut Free

  • If a student brings in a peanut/tree nut product and it has not been opened, we will request that the student bring the product to the main office to be picked up at the end of the day.
  • If the student has opened the product during snack or lunch, we will request that the student either go to the main office break room or throw the product out. If student throws the product out a school snack/lunch will be given to them. 
  • All CMS staff will monitor food to ensure peanut/tree nut free contents. 
  • Restricted items include any food that may have been produced in a factory that may not be peanut/tree nut-free. 
  • Due to allergies, we ask that you reinforce with your students that no one should share food items. 

-Chartwells- Please see attached menu. Chariho MS 1 choice Lunch Sept 2020.pdf 

-From Dr. Manlove- Masks - mask wearing at all times is mandatory for students and staff. There may be some students with special needs who will need help with being able to keep a mask on, and the school is prepared to help with strategies for this. As per current state executive order, a physician or other medical provider is not permitted to write a note stating a student or staff member cannot wear a mask. Bandanas are no longer considered adequate for masking. Face shields by themselves cannot be allowed, but they may be worn in addition to a mask. Information about mask wearing can be found here:

-Daily Self-Check- Parents will submit a COVID -19 Health Check for each of their children on a Daily basis in PowerSchool. *Students will not be able to submit a COVID-19 Health Check using their account. Parents please do not login using your child’s PowerSchool account as the COVID-19 Health Check will not function.  A Parent/guardian will log into PowerSchool from a computer at:  . If parents/guardians do not have an account they will need to create an account and link their children. Parents will receive a web access letter supplied by their child’s school for each of their children if applicable. If a parent/guardian is using the PowerSchool Mobile app, they will need to go to the daily bulletin to access the link for the COVID-19 Health Check.

-Parent drop off- Students can be dropped off at the main entrance at 7:20 am. Please do not drop off before this time since we will need to socially distance the students. Students should enter the building through the main entrance and report to Period 1. For all students, except for some 7/8 grade World Language students, their period 1 class will be their stable group. It is important that students know their stable group number when entering the building.

-Bus transportation- Lists of student names are provided to every driver to review assigned seats per the new guidance. To find your bus stop location please go to the district website and under the Parent/Student Resources you will select transportation and click on bus schedules. All students must arrive at the bus stop wearing a mask and completing the daily self-check located in PowerSchool. They must remain facing forward in their assigned seat. Only students registered for the bus will be allowed to ride. Drivers have the list of names to ensure students have been registered. Please do not drop off your child at a bus stop if they are not registered

Thank you, stay healthy, and enjoy the weekend,

Greg and Mary Beth

"CMS will teach, target, and transform our school community”

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