Summer Math and Reading

Summer Math

5-Summer Math Entering Grade 5 2021-2022.pdf
6-Summer Math Entering Grade 6 2021-2022.pdf
7-Summer Math Entering Grade 7 2021-2022.pdf
8-Summer Math Entering Grade 8 2021-2022.pdf

Continuing to practice and maintain math skills that were learned this year is an essential part of being prepared for the next school year.  This summer, every CMS student will be given a packet of assignments to complete.

Here’s how summer math will work:  

  • Students will complete the assigned problems on paper.  
  • Students will complete the assigned exercises and turn them in to their teacher by September 10, 2021.  
  • Students are encouraged to look for help on items they are having difficulty with.

In addition to the summer math packet, there are many small ways to incorporate math at home.  Talking to your children about the math that occurs in everyday life will help them to see how useful math is.  You might want to try some of these ideas:

  • Cooking
  • Playing card games or board games
  • Talking about statistics while watching baseball
  • Discuss rates as you are driving in the car
  • Practice measuring as you are doing home projects
  • Compare pricing while looking at the grocery circular

If you have any questions, please contact  

For questions about modifications for special education students, please contact

All Math work is due on September 10, 2021.  This will count for two homework grades in quarter 1.

Summer Reading

Incoming Grade 5 Summer Reading.pdf
Incoming Grade 6 Summer Reading.pdf
Incoming Grades 7 & 8 Summer Reading.pdf

Have you ever heard of the summer reading slide? It is estimated that the summer reading slide accounts for about 80% of the gap in reading achievement by 9th grade. What can you do to prevent this from happening to your child? Encourage your child to read! Each CMS student is required to read 2 books over the summer. Check out the attached documents for more information about summer reading. For complete information, please see the summer reading page:

  • Summer reading projects should be brought in on the first day of school.
  • Students are required to read two books over the summer at their independent reading level.
  • Students are not required to read suggested RICBA or RIMSBA books.
  • Students must complete a project for each book that includes specific criteria from the criteria checklist.
  • New students do NOT have to complete summer reading requirements and are invited to join the

reading celebration.