Night School

An Opportunity for the Recovery of Points


Night School


Program Description

Students who attend Chariho Night School will have the opportunity to recover points for courses attempted at Chariho Middle School. This online instructional program is based on national academic standards. Recommendations for participation and registration information are completed through the guidance department.

All hours are required for successful completion.

Transportation is the parent/guardian's responsibility.

Classes:  ELA 5-6, English 7-8, Language Arts 7-8, Math 5-8, Science 5-8, Social Studies 5-8

Final course grades will be computed by averaging quarter grade achieved and the Night School grade achieved.
     Math 5: Quarter Grade = 60
     Math 5: Night School Grade = 93
     60 + 93 = 153 divided by 2 = 76.5
     Math 5 – Final Grade = 76.5

Promotion points are based on year averages. Averages 69 and below are not eligible for promotional points. Chariho Middle School students who fail to earn course points because of excessive absences will not be allowed to recover points at Chariho Night School.

Fees and payments:  $62.50 (Students may register for one class per quarter)
Payment must be made in advance. Upon receipt of a written request, fees will be waived for those students with an approved application for free or reduced meals on file.  Checks or money orders should be made payable to the Chariho Night School and mailed with the registration form to the address on the front of the registration form. You may also send in the checks with registration to the middle school's main office in an envelope marked, "Night School".

Additional Information:

  • The Chariho Middle School behavior code applies at all times.

  • Tuition will not be refunded after the first day of attendance.

  • Courses must be completed within the session attending.

  • Number of days per session is dependent on course work to be recovered.

  • Failure to attend a scheduled session may result in extra fees.

  • Must be able to provide transportation to home.

  • If after-school activities or school is canceled, Night School will also be canceled.